the art of creating unique jewelry


All our products are handcrafted, so each piece has a unique personality.

Our work technique involves:

  • hand welding in such a way that the pieces are perfectly sleek without any welding defects;
  • quality controls: the product undergoes 4 cross-checks carried out by different people;
  • concealed closures;
  • we have been manufacturers for over 50 years, not resellers;
  • returns: only 0.01% per year;
  • suppliers of material and artisan collaborators from the Vicenza province;
  • delivery: minimum one month from the date of order to ensure we have the necessary time to guarantee the high quality of our products.

The procedure for working with hollow tube involves using a copper core inside the tube for support while forming the outer metal.

Once the gold has its final shape and the copper has been removed, it is shaped, assembled, and polished to become a unique piece of jewellery.