Useful information

Useful information

Useful information

Here you can find some useful information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Customer care

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Hello, I'm Marta Speggiorin. If you have questions and need any advice or assistance, you can speak with me by phone or video-chat. I will be delighted to help you.
  • All bracelets are available to order.
  • Prototype development and product customisation is done at the customer’s request, and evaluated together with the production cost.

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All our rigid bracelets are made to last although they do need some care to ensure that the clasp and hinge work perfectly.

Each bracelet is designed and guaranteed to open 4.5 cm. We recommend that you do not force the mechanical movement beyond this extent as the hinge components may distort and create an external burr on the top of the jewel that is visible to the naked eye and felt when touched.

To check the efficiency of the clasp, we recommend not to force it so as not to ruin the balance between the bracelet and the tab. Initially, the clasps of our bracelets may be slightly more rigid to ensure efficiency over time.

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We are exhibitors every year at the September and January editions of VicenzaOro.

The standard size of our bracelets is 50×60 mm.

To ensure optimal wearability, the inner circumference of a bracelet must be at least 1 cm larger than the circumference of the wrist. For non-standard sizes, please consult the table with our suggestions.

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For your requests for non-standard sizes, please write to us indicating the desired size.

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  • All our creations are hand-crafted so our production times are longer than those of industrial production.
  • From receipt of your order, we take 4-5 weeks to dispatch the goods. At certain times of the year, we may take up to 6-7 weeks.
  • We send to Italy and in the rest of the world.
  • All consignments are insured and are made exclusively in armoured vans specialised in transporting valuable goods, in accordance with Italian regulations.
  • On request we can use the customer’s FedEX account. The transport of the goods to the collection point will take place via specialised armoured vehicles.

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We are exhibitors every year at the September and January editions of VicenzaOro.